I moved to Granada in September 2010 and lived and studied there for 4 years. After spending my last summer abroad, I returned to the city in September 2014 to spend my last 2 months living there. Even though I had not viewed it like that, this series of pictures represents part of the nostalgy I have for the city and so much that I love about her. It portraits primarily Realejo, the part of the city that I lived in that time and that I was just discovering and starting to love.

Pictures from GRanada, mostly REalejo, portraying mostly details of this part of the town.

Inspiration & Concept

Being from Austria, the months October and November always sound like autumn and coming winter to me. Even in Granada, the very south of Spain, I have lived weeks full of rain. However, as if it had been a gift from the city to me, the October of 2014 was MILD and sunny and inspired me to take the pictures. The pictures say a lot about me. I can get lost in details, love to ANORDNEN and fall for small captures of the big picture and flowers.

What else?

I made a selection of pictures that I printed out on handmade paper and sold in small sizes on demand and as little before hand collections that ,more than to hang them on the wall, where a “card game” to get to know the beautiful city of Granada.

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