Primary Gold

Technical Details

22 pieces
Golden paint, gold leave, stamp, pencils on photo carton
sizes from 15x15cm to 30x40cm


April 9th 2019
Nos Kausa Spasu Kultural
Tarrafal Santiago, Cape Verde


After Black Gold in 2018, Primary Gold was part of the second exhibition that I did in Nos Kausa Spasu Kultural in Tarrafal, Cape Verde. While the motives are the same as in the First Golden Series (as well as the thematical division into portraiture & street scenes), the black and white backgrounds have turned into yellows, pinks and blues. My style got more experimental too: I stopped limiting myself to the sole use of the colour gold and used white paint and stamps for the pieces’ decoration. For the portraits I worked the ladies’ hair with pencils.

Street Scenes

Comparing these Street Scene pictures to the ones in the First Golden Series, we find a big change, not only colourwise: the minimal aesthetic of the pieces in Black Gold have evolved to a ludic scenery that uses dots to generate a more vivid space.

The big golden frames from the former series have scaled down and suggest to be part of the artwork itself by sharing the same decoration.

Golden Queens

While the work on the portraits for the First Golden Series was an experiment in itself – I had never painted in that way before- creating the potraits for Primary Gold allowed me to add different kinds of details that made the images more interesting and allowed the ladies to obtain a certain kind of ‘royality’ (that’s how I see these Golden Queens at least)

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