Nina Seidel

Born in Graz (Austria) in 1990, I spent my childhood and youth drawing, writing and painting before I moved to the South of Spain to study fine Arts. After graduating in 2014, I moved to Tarrafal, Cape Verde, where I created an arts class room for a local NGO- mesmerized by the beauty of the islands and their women I stayed to live there for more than 4 years, creating travel diaries, street sketching and portraying women. Since 2018, I’ve focused on my “Golden Series”, a mixed media series that portrays women with golden paint & stamps and uses words (affirmations and words spoken by the women I paint) as an integral part of the images. I currently live and work in Lisbon.


I portray women and want to pay them tribute with my drawings and paintings. I use the colour gold a lot in my work, as a symbol for the women’s preciousness, worth and beauty. I usually portray women that I know personally and give preference to women from poor financial and educational backgrounds, black women and other marginalised groups. Words are a constant part of my artwok: I use affirmations concenring women’s worth and dignity or write down things that the women I portray talked about with me- like this, I can make them not only be seen but heard too. As I travel a lot, I create small & medium size pieces from light materials such as photo carton, Golden paint, pencils & stamps. I use a lot of repetition in my work: portraying the same women several times on different backgrounds and with different words makes me get to know them better.


Mudjer Caboverdiana (Capeverdean Women)
Nos Kausa Spasu Kultural Gallery, Tarrafal Santiago, Cape Verde
April 1st – April 28th, 2019

Flores, Black Gold
Nos Kausa Spasu Kultural Gallery, Tarrafal Santiago, Cape Verde
February 3rd – February 24th, 2018

Naturalezas: sobre los árboles y flores en Libro de Poemas de Federíco García Lorca
Museo Casa Natal FGL & Centro de Estudios Lorquianos, Fuente Vaqueros, España (spain)
July 4th – October 3rd, 2014


Inner Power
Virtual inaugural member exhibition, The Art Queens
Inauguration: July 1st, 2021

The Virtual Art Fair, Fourth Edition
Virtual art exhibtion on www.thevirtualartfair.co.uk
Inauguration: January 29th, 2021

Siguiendo el Hilo: Arroparte
Casa Palacio de los Condes del Padul, Padul, España (Spain)
July 31st – August 3rd, 2014

Siguiendo el Hilo: Arroparte
Sala de exposiciones Caja Rural, Granada, España (Spain)
February 4th – Feburary 24th, 2014

FACBA `14: VI Contemporary Art Fair
University of Fine Arts Alonso Cano, Granada, España (Spain)
March 19th – April 1st, 2014

Blanco Roto: el Hilo de Ariadna
Carmen de la Victoria, Granada, España (Spain)
February 4th – Februrary 14th, 2014

Centro Cultural Caja Granada, Memoria de Andalucía, Granada, España (Spain)
September 13th , 2013