Women inspire me with their wisdom, strength and beauty.
I want to pay them tribute with my work.


I portray women and have recently focussed on my Golden Series. I’ve always loved the colour gold and it perfectly shows how I see the women I paint: of utmost worth, beauty & preciousness.

The Golden Series

Want to know more about the stories behind this series and about the words that I used to paint my ladies’ hair and clothes?

Please click here.

Drawing Archive

I´m currently working on an archive for my drawings and hope it will be ready soon.

Thank you for waiting meanwhile.

Pigment Photography

In this project I used pink, blue, yellow and orange pigment to create prints on the snow. To see more pictures and find out more about this “behind the scenes”, please click here.


“Libro de poemas” is the first book written by the Spanish poet Federíco García Lorca. It was my foundation for this project where I work with the book pages and the flowers mentioned in the book. Join me to see the pictures, drawings and exhibtion here.

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