Collage Queens

Since I can think, I´ve been love with fabrics and since I saw them, with African Wax Prints. To say this at the very start and straight away: the history and context that these fabrics have in Africa and, speaking from the context I lived in – West African countries is highly debated and even though most people can agree on that they are uttlerly beautiful, not everybody agrees on the use of them in artwork, for different reasons: the biggest one may be that big part of them are not orginally African but were imported by the Dutch colonisers. Nowadays, symptomatically, the big part of the African Fabrics that you can buy in countries like Senegal, the Gambia or Cape Verde are made in China. (If you want to know more about the topic there are several books writtena bout it and how not, I ill also try to give my personal perspective on the topic in one of my future blogposts.)

In spite of this, for various reasons I decided to use the fabrics both for my sawing and artistic work.