Colourful Paint

On this site you`ll find out about my experimentations with colourful paints and fabrics during the years of 2018 and 2019 in the islands of Sao Vicente and Santiago. I´ve spread them onto several pages in order to make the pages more accesible for you.
I hope you enjoy having a look!

Colourful ladies

In February 2018 Solangel thought about going to AME in PRaia and asked me if I would like to participate. As my Golden Series I was still hanging in Nos Kausa, I was trying to create something new for the Art Fair. In the end, for various reasons, Nos Kausa couldn´t participate in the fair, yet the paintings that I had started to make for it have stayed with me until today. Over the time, by looking at the paintings over and over again, I was coming up with names that suited them and I discovered what colours fit what woman. Only yesterday (September 2020), I was working one of these paintings over (click here to see the result of the new green painting). Besides, the paintings were my first step to the collage work that I would continue to explore later the same year.

Rehearsing for Golden Series II

In the end of 2018 I was making my first attemps to evolve the golden paintings that me and people who saw them had liked so much. I was experimenting with the golden paint and words, as well as with incorporating flower drawings into them. Paralell to this I also created a series of pencil paintings, that were decorated with golden stamps all over the page. Later on, all these small works would lead me to develop Golden Series II.

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