Golden Series

When I started my life in Africa – or “Africa Light” how some people like to call Cape Verde – I was soon drawn to the beauty of African Women.

It was probably a mixture of all: their colourful clothes and beautiful glowing skin, the pictures that their bodies gave in front of the painted houses and the hot orange sun that made all of it shine even more warmly and intensely. Soon after I found that not only were they of a majestic beauty, but of indispensable worth for everyone around them: they sold the fish and

the vegetables, they wiped the streets & cleaned the public spaces, they took care of the children and cleaned at home too, they took care of the elders and cooked at the market, they organized the birthday and funeral parties.

One day in early 2015, after having lived in Tarrafal for several weeks, I remembered the expression “being worth gold”. It described and still describes best how I feel about these women and how I perceive their value in society. From that day it took me 3 years until the first Golden Series came to life.

Black Gold

Black Gold was the starting point for all my Golden Series where I use words as parts of my paintings and the colour gold to show my admiration for women. To see more pieces and get more information about this series, please click here.

Primary Gold

The black and white backgrounds from the First Golden Series have turned into yellows, pinks and blues: to visit the gallery and see what else is new in this series please click here.

Third Golden Series

“I deserve a life in peace, I deserve a life in dignity” have become the mantra for my Golden Series III.
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