Joumana Haddad & Freedom Center, quote: “if everybody just dedicates one hour a week to a cause”
link my art teachers as they say their names in Austria? (Rosa Brun, Juan García Villar, Isidro Perez, etc…)
link Lucia Palma, Alejandro, Mónica (behance)
the woman who wants to delete pornhub
Delta Cultura
German school where Abdoulie goes
City of Joy
Link videos, newspaper articles where my exhibtions appear
Marie Forleo
Laruga Yoga
Organizations in Austria (especially Graz)
She´s gotta have it NETFLIX
Petitions to sign
Artists that I discovered and started to like thanks to Instagram
Artists who have inspired me: Hilma Af Klimt, Maya Angelou, Joumana Haddad, Federico García Lorca, Cristina (spanish artist with installations), Deepika Mehta, Beyonce, Giacometti,
Museums: outside Kopenhagen (where I was with Mama), Thorwaldsson Museum too,
Books: the prophet, Vivir para contarla, The Kite runner (Khaled Hoseeini´s page), El amor en los tiempos del cólera, (can I think of any others?), Out of Africa, Wangari Autobiography,