Nieve y color


‘Nieve y Color’ means ‘Snow and Colour’. In December 2013, when I still studied Fine Arts in Granada (Spain), the city’s Gran Vía was decorated with beautiful yellow Gingko trees. I was immediately captivated by their shiny leaves and they inspired me to do this work. It a representation of the colourful Southern winters, where trees and flowers can bloom throughout December and January and, on a more personal level, it shows my deep love for colours.

It was the first time that I created a work in public (Sierra Nevada) and even though I was intimitaded by some viewers first, it was an experience I enjoyed a lot, mostly because of the beautiful photographic outcome. I was also one of the first works I created with natural material and the starting point for a series of natural works that followed in 2014.

I used colour pigments and dry leaves to create the work and a compact camera for the pictures. The beautiful sunlinght and the strong pigment colours on the plain white snow had it, that I didn’t need to edit the pictures.

Blanco Roto: El hilo de Ariadna

In Feburary 2014, four of the pictures took part in this exhibition in the gallery Cármen de la Victoria in Granada, Spain

El hilo de Ariadna

In Feburary 2014, 4 of the pictures took part in the exhibition “Blanco roto: el hilo de Ariadna”. (Carmen de la Victoria, Granada)