Nieve y Color

In December 2013 I was captivated by the Gingko trees that made Granada’s Gran Vía shine in bright yellow. The colourful winter in the South, where trees bloom even in December was, after living there for more than 3 years, still a wonderful surprise for me. Winter in Austria means winter, means no colours usually.

It was these beautiful yellow Gingko leaves that inspired me to do this work. On the one hand- and on the one side of the city- was Sierra Nevada, that you could view snowed upon from the city of Granada. On the other hand were all the colours that were still decorating it, the yellow leaves, the blue sky, the flowers in the gardens.

‘Nieve y Color’ (Snow and Colours) was a representation of this and shows, like so many others of my work, my deep love for colours and my connection to them.

Creating this public work, capturig it for a wider public and myself via photography and playing with the prints in the snow was not only a beautiful experience but made me also reliaze how much I enjoy to work in and with nature. It was a starting point for the works I would realize in the following the year.

I used colour pigments and dry leaves to create the work and a compact camera for the pictures. The are not or only very little edited (for a better experience on the website).

Making of

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